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Talking About Industrial Air Compressors

Hello, my name is Micah Sellers. Welcome to my site about industrial air compressors. The air compressors used in an industrial environment are larger and more powerful than residential variants. These compressors use large motors and tanks to continually deliver pressurized air through the lengthy hoses. I will use this site to talk about all of the tasks that are completed by air compressors in industrial factories. I may discuss tools that utilize the compressed air to function. I will also share information about maintenance and repairs required to keep these compressors functioning appropriately. Thanks for visiting my website. Please come back again soon.

3 Features To Look For In A Portable Air Compressor For Your Bakery

Even though air compressors are often thought of as a piece of equipment that is used in a garage, factory, or industrial setting, these air-producing machines are just as much in demand in commercial kitchens, especially a bakery. Decorating cakes can bring about all kinds of needs for compressed air, whether you are creating blown sugar sculptures or airbrushing graphics on a wedding cake. But not just any portable air compressor works in a bakery setting. Here is a look at some of the features you should be looking for in a portable air compressor for your bakery. 

Make sure the air compressor is quiet. 

The last thing you want is to fire up your portable air compressor to do some handiwork on a cake or achieve a task and then see the noise that fills your bakery kitchen so loud that no one can concentrate. The fact is a lot of air compressors work for portable use in a commercial kitchen, but some of them can be extremely loud. Go for a model that provides you with the power you need but can do so quietly. Some portable air compressors are outfitted with insulated housings to ward off noise because of this need. 

Make sure the air compressor is suitable for kitchen use. 

Not every air compressor model is safe for use in your commercial kitchen, or any kitchen for that matter. Some industrial air compressors leak oil and chemical particles into the air that is provided because normally, the quality of the air provided is used for purposes in which it will not matter. Commercial-grade air compressors are designed with specific filtration abilities that make it possible to have supremely clean pressurized air that is safe for use with food processes. 

Make sure the air compressor has fully adjustable air pressure. 

Whether you are using compressed air to gently blow texture into fondant, airbrush cakes with fluid food coloring, or dry a buttercream finish, you will need a different air setting for each task. If the portable air compressor you have only provides you with one specific air pressure, you can find yourself struggling to achieve the tasks you need to achieve without causing damage to what you're working with. The best portable air compressor for your bakery business will give you a full range of choices where air pressure is concerned so you can fully adjust the pressure of the air to cater to the task.  

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